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Whenever you needed an iphone repair blackberry repair ipad repair and samsung galaxy repair you can look for us via Kmaster


iPAd 2 3 4 mini air digitizer glass repair mississauga brampton etobicoke toronto ontario Expert iPad Repair Team

Broke the glass? No need to worry about it simply bring it to our walk-in centre at


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iPhone Repairs

Getting your iPhone Repairs in an hour or less from us available  also for ipad 2 3 4 ipad mini ipad air and latest ipads model with the cracked glass or inside lcd. If you are not sure which model you have you can simply contact us and we can help help you over the phone.

iPad replacement Screen Model

12.9-inch iPad Pro (2017)
10.5-inch iPad Pro (2017)
The iPad (2017) …
9.7-inch iPad Pro (1st Generation)
12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st Generation)
iPad Mini 4 (4th Generation Mini)
iPad Air 2 (6th Generation)
The iPad Mini 3 (3rd Generation Mini)

HTC Repair

When you needed an htc repair mississauga you can simply ask ur about the prices and mention us the quoate you are getting we will price match. Currently htc is not doing so well in the market and phones are not getting expensive but the parts are. Please visit www.KmasterElectronics.com

Lg Phone Repair

After over 2000 iphone screen we decided to focus on lg phone repair where model leg nexus g3 g4 g5 screen repair is offered in less than couple hours. We are the best professional for phones and computer repair.

iPhone Repair

Our affordable prices and on the spot iphone repair walk-in made us the leader in this industry to provide best quality products and fastest replacement lcd and glass doesnt matter what model you carry, Our experience staff fully aware of how to fix software and hardware problems. If you previously gone to other places and they have no clue what to do when error like 47 or 53 and other common problem -1 or even 29 comes in, We have no issue receiving bricked phones. You can also check out our training area where our most experience instructors teach courses on how to fix smartphone and tablet, and iphone is one of our favorite when it comes to fix software and hardware issues like main board logic board problems, water damage and more.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Repair

We have been offering samsung galaxy s4 screen repair since it was launched, if you have the cracked display and you cant see anything. Please visit us We can fix it within 15 minutes and you will have your phone back to normal they way you had it, please call our store or visit any location , Samsung s3, repair, s4 repair, s5 repair, and note 2, note 3, note 4, and note 5 repair also available.

Blackkberry Repair

We offer every blackberry repair on the spot and this is our primary business. you can see yourself that We have the most experience in all blackberry model, if you have the broken glass lcd, or keyboard and battery issue including software issue. We can fix it for you in an hour. overy 15 years in business Canadian owned operating under the name of  Kmaster Electronics

iPad Repair Etobicoke

Affordable prices for the ipad repair etobicoke on the spot where We fix any broken ipad air or min and regular first  and 2nd generation ipad glass replacement done with care. We are fully certified to fix all your ipads issues. if you have the broken corners where We have the special tools to make it straight before We install the digitizer. Our expert staff has years of experience to fix other tablets also, please check our Kmaster Wireless team location to visit store front cell phone store.

Blackberry Classic Repair

If you are looking to get your blackberry classic repair please let us know We are full trained qualified to fix any software and hardware problems wit your blackberry, if you have the device which is not loading and stopping half way We can fix it for you , or if you have the cracked glass and display is not working please call us at 905-781-1209 or 905-361-1249.

iPhone Repair Brampton

We also offer iphone repair brampton for all models, if you needed a cracked glass screen replaced We can fix it on the spot please call our nearest location contact at 905-781-1209 or 905-36101249 to get your lcd replace while you wait. We have the best prices and We only use great quality of parts . iPhone water damage , iphone charging or home button or a speaker repair and battery replacement done on the spot.

Lg nexus 5 Screen Repair

We can replace your lcd if you are looking to get your lg nexus 5 screen repair and it only takes 45 minutes to complete the process. this model also comes with the lcd and glass together and We have the best prices for this model, please visit our walk-in service centre where no appointment needed.

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